Add custom fonts?

I’m wondering where we are with adding fonts to Thunkable. I saw some older topics about it but nothing definitive.

  1. Can you specify fonts other than the couple dozen that appear in the Font property for a label? For example, this list.
  2. Can you add fonts (e.g. from a downloaded .ttf file)? It looks like Business and Team Plan users can (Thunkable: Build powerful, native mobile apps without coding.). But how…? I couldn’t find any documentation for that.

Hey @tatiang

It’s available for Business and Team level users.

You can add a .tff file to your assets then use that file name as your font family. :slight_smile:

I thought so but I tried exactly that and I don’t have a Custom Font property for my labels:

is that in drag and drop? you have the business subscription, right? you can check that on your membership page.

Yes, Business. And yes, Drag & Drop.

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