Easy Search:Icons+Fonts+Launchers

This is my second app and it was approved in minutes lol :slight_smile: This is just a simple app.

Do you always like to use the latest Icon packs, fonts or launchers? This app is for you. Its already filtered so no need to search long enough for your favourite packs.

The Icons, Fonts and Launchers tab is already filtered from FREE, PAID and 4++ ratings.

Once you selected the app, it will automatically launch to the Play Store for download or purchase.
DOWNLOAD LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_unspoken0623.Icons_Fonts_Launchers


I don’t get what’s the point of making such app. Go to google play type “Launcher”, “Font” or “Icon Pack” then just choose an app and install it


Because there are still people who are lazy to search :slight_smile: and want an instant result.

Your apps takes more steps. You have first search “Easy Search:Icons+Fonts+Launchers”, choose an app, click download it and wait until you get your app, then you have to open your app and choose a category. You are literally making 3 tabs which on click, just changes a url that webviewer displays. Sorry, but for me its useless

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Yes that would be the first step is download my app and install the app. Then for future use and want to change font or change theme just open the app. Actually i made this first for personal use because i always change fonts icon themes all the time. Yes maybe its useless for you but for me its not. peace

if someone will download the app then its good but if not its still ok…

just like this person
i don’t know this person at all lol

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Nice work. Keep Thunking