Web phone searcher (wps)

Hi all
After creating 3 apps soon I’m going to update my app
It will be like a normal browser app…
Hope u all are excited
It will side by side beta tested here
Wrk has started for design I’ll continue fir coding later
Also guys this will be first browser app on Thunkable x
The project will be made on new and last version both
And all users will have a great experience with my app
@tatiang was having issues I’ll try best to resolve it

According to my topic

and work of the app has started
it takes tme so wait till feb
i also have exams so thats why little delay

well we have done one thing

we have made google searching

but still it has to be tested

we are thinking to shorten our name how many of u want
pls tell fastttttt

u can vote now

The name is OK, you don’t need to change it. I’m curious on how you made Google Searching.

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but if i download on phones like onplus i cant see apps full name

ill make the trick opensource after this app

we have made an awesome thing
called splash screen

I have already integrated Google Search in my app, I was just curious on what our method was.

ill tell later

I’m sorry, I don’t get you. I was saying that I have already used Google Search in my app. Did you mean to quote that line?

a simple google search

who all want me to change icon?

  • me

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just giving some break de to exams