My app monetization is no longer active on Thunkable

my app already has monetization active for more than 1 year. the week before I did an update I couldn’t download the new version. I already made the new request for revision and until today nothing. what is the reason for all this? Thunkable team?

Depending on the type of app you are submitting a full review might take anywhere from 2 - 5 working days.

ok but the real question is why monetization was no longer active in my app.?

Are you sure that is the same project?
Each project requires a new approval

yes I’m sure it’s the same project. the system bugs are making me late in the update. Can someone from the Thunkable team fix this issue?

@Fernando_Matos What system bugs are you referring to?

@conroy33 well. there are several bugs about monetization I will explain to you by private message because the bug I am referring to gives users an advantage.

will Thunkable take 1 month to verify an app that has already been verified and monetized? 3 forms sent and two weeks have passed. ok Thunkable team next month I will pay the monthly fee again

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@Fernando_Matos It’s been four business days, not two weeks. I’ve gone ahead and approved your app for AdMob.

thanks. it’s working again. but yes tomorrow it is exactly 2 weeks since the first form submitted

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