My app is a little bit slow, can anyone help me speed up my app?

can anyone help me speed up my app?
The app itself does not give problems but on the “prenota” screen is very slow in executing the code, can someone help me optimize the code?
Because I believe that my app can be improved but I don’t know where to start.
I share the app link privately, thank you

Here is a video, can i reduce this input lag when i click on arrows?

Look, specially when i make an appointment to navigate in another screen it is little bit slow

Can i do anything or not?

Are you working eith cloud data or phone data?

If you are reliant on the cloud/internet to provide any of the associated data on those screens it will be slow. I imagine you have the label changing towards the end of the code. Maybe move the code to set the label immediately after the button press if possible. This way the label changes, then the rest of the code executes?

Yes, I take data from firebase

the labels change according to the database values, so i think that it’s non possible

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It may be possible to speed up the code. But probably not needed. I would image in you are experiencing internet lag.

Would you like a tester from Michigan US to try it out? I may have a different experience?

I’m on iOS 13 w/ iPhone 11 w/ 4g Ltd plus a 100mb WiFi internet connection.

Yes, of course…how can I send to you the app?
Thank you so much

If you click on my picture, you should see an option to send a message. In that box, you can post the share link to your app.

is it arrived to you?