My App don't show my row text from airtable

Hi guys, i follow all rules from ( Airtable - ✕ Docs )

And i do this:


So from this rules, the app need return text: #MYSTRONMINT, but he return: undefined, i have sure its an error, but i don´t know how to make it right…

My airtable:

What i am doing wrong?

image from the app:

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Hi there,
Can you put the GetCell change to GetColumn?

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Here is something that may be worth trying.
Have the Excel GetCell access and setting of Buttons2 in a different block, triggered by another button for test.
Or alternatively, put a small delay (wait 1 second) just before the airtable access.

What I am wondering is if the process of accessing the airtable is delayed because of all the other things the application has to do at start-up, basically getting some stand-in answer before the device had the time to query the table.



I think that an error with access to this table. What is in the “error” block? Check all fields for access to AirTable - APIKey, BaseID, TableName, ViewName.

First of all, it is better to check with the help of the GetAllRows block whether the data is returned from the table.

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I try this and nothing happens…


I change to button click and put a label to return the text and nothing happens too =(

I try many times change all and test and BINGO!! I have change the correctly fields from TableName and Viewname… :sweat:

So now i need return the picture from the airtable… its possible? i will find a topic about this to search the answer…