Music Stream App

Dear community

I’ve been playing around with music streams. The outcome you can find on play store. Feel free to check it out.



You should add screenshots there, not the app icon. It is very unlikely people will download apps without seeing what they’ll get :wink:

I do like the idea of your app but I really do not enjoy your user interface. It is not clear at all how to start playing music… I recommend you to change this and maybe also stick to Material Design Guides by Google.

Also it takes a few seconds after you chose a radio station from the list view until music starts. I would recommend to add a loading notification at that point so the app does not seem unresponsive :wink:

best regards,


Thanks for testing. I’ve added a “loading message” and improved interface a bit. Hope it’s easier to find the way through this app now.

I checked out this issue. Can you figure out which recommendation exactly is on your mind?

sir please show how to creat stream music app with block

@joy_marandi unfortunately, all my blocks currently look like this:

I wonder if it’s really that hard to navigate through this app. Or if that’s an extreme opinion of Chris.