Multiple Tables in database Help

I am making a project that is similar to texting. Its kind of like a direct message app. I need to have a database that could store information on users and messages
My database would look like this:

user_id | nickname | notifications|
id      | text     |  bool        |
id     | author | message | time |
int    | user   |  text   | datetime|

I am using airtable currently but i’m not sure if this is the best option. Would this be the best option.

Also I have 2 tables (users and messages). But it dose not seem like thunkable allows me to have more than 1 table. How could I do something like this?

I will try to answer asap
Thanks, Wolfy

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Thunkable allows you to connect to multiple tables at once.

If you are using the Airtable component to connect to your table then you need to add another Airtable component for the other table.

In my opinion, Firebase RTDB is a much better choice for a messaging app and there are ready examples of similar projects.

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Thanks for the help. Im going to stick to Airtable because it seems more like a database to me. RTDB looks like it is a key-value or no-sql DB. So for my purposes i think airtable will work. This still answered my question on how to have multiple tables!

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Note that the free Airtable plan allows upto 1200 rows only.

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