Multiple rows from Airtable to Listview


Each row is Name; Picture in one row, and you want to display that together in a list view?


Correct and I am using thunkable X.

Is there anyway to do this? Is it possible?


I am not an expert in X, however there are a few examples and projects you might be able to remix in X to play around with.

This doc is really good as well.


Thank you so so much!!!


Did you get the solution ? Im also want to view my list from airtable as a viewcard


Custom ListViewer


Icon beside listview

Omg thank you so much !


Do you know if the listview can be clicked and can link to somewhere ?


You can click on the list and perform any action you need (within the functionality of Thunkable X)


That’s it right there thank you so much!!! Is it possible to show a detailed view of each selection with the same template. For an example if I wanted the name at the top, the image under the name , and the text under it as the template and for each selected it would apply to this template?


I’m also facing the same problem. I could not make the listview to display all the item i want. There is just 1 text in listview. I hope there is someone that can help us


I only need an image and 1 text in the list view.

My next step when you click the item that you go to a detail page of that item.


Did you integrate you data with airtable ? I mean did you want to get your data from each column in airtable ?




The ListViewer component has a block for handling clicks on a list item. In this block, you need to get the current index, and then go to the new screen, where to place the template (Image, Label and other widgets) as you need. You have an index of the selected list item and with it you can get the necessary data from the table and insert it into your template.


You are amazing thank you do you have an example i may can look at of this


Unfortunately, there is no example. Thunkable Live does not work for me.


do you have any resources that can help with this?


I can offer you to break a complex task into several simple ones and solve them consistently. You have a base in AirTable. First try to get the data of any text column from it in the ListViewer. If this happens, then after that, when you click on the list option, it will go to the next screen and display the text of the selected option in the Label. If this happens, then solve the following problem.

See examples of working with AirTable and List Viewer in the project.


This is a great idea and my plan is exactly like you stated. The problem is how do I put the blocks together to complete each step. I’m going to look at the link you suggested and learn how they did it.