Multiple Choice Survey App with Checkbox

I want to keep a survey questionnaire in an app I build with Thunkable. In the questionnaire there will be questions asked with checkbox answer options. The user can select two or even more checkboxes. How do I write this code ! For example:
Question: What are the activities you like to do in your leisure time?

  • ☐ Reading books ☐ Computer games ☐ Listening music ☐ Fishing ☐ Chatting friends etc.
    A person should be able to choose one, two or more from these checkboxes and I want to grab all the results he choice.

Hey @Mehmud - that should be pretty straightforward to make in Thunkable.

Take a look at these checkbox examples and if you get stuck come back here and share your design/blocks with us:

I could come along this far by following the tutorial. But not getting the result yet as the resulted screen does not show any list of activity that I selected using the checkboxes.

This is the link to the project:

Note: Using the Share Button I tried to generate a link but I could not find a way to copy the link. That’s why sharing the main project file !

Hi @Mehmud, that link won’t be of use to the rest of the community.

When the link is generated you just double click on it to start selecting.

What is usually do the is Ctrl+A to select all the link can then Ctrl+C to copy it.


As I tried by pressing Ctrl + A, everything gets selected except the link only. Anyway I am typing it here.

Click, or double click on the link and the you can use your mouse or Ctrl + A to select the rest of it.

You don’t seem to have any code to change the text from unchecked to checked.

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Actually I know the basics and for some unknown reasons I cannot select it. I tried disabling the adblock extension in mozilla but nothing changed.

It might be a Firefox thing? I’ll look into it for you. We recommend using Chrome or Safari for the best Thunkable experience.

Tried Chrome, works fine. FYI

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