How do I create a checkbox in Thunkable X?

I need to create an option for the user to select a checkbox that either becomes marked as checked or makes the adjacent text have a strike through. I can’t seem to figure out how to do so, any help please?

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the Buttons screen shows one way.

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Thanks for the help @actech!
I can’t seem to open and test the app though, I’m not sure if it’s an issue with android but when I try to open the project on the app, it crashes. I also don’t see anyway to copy the screen to another project…

You’re right. Now this application really falls on Android. It is generally interesting behaves. Then after small changes it falls under Android, then it starts working normally. Thanks to this, you can monitor how well Thunkable X works stably under Android.

In fact, everything is simple. You can use the button and Unicode characters or images for the button.

  1. Create the variable check = false and call the state check function checkState
  2. Create a checkState state check function. If check = false, then show the Unicode symbol or the image on the button corresponding to the disabled state, if check = true - enabled
  3. When you click on the button, change the check to the opposite value check =! сheck and then call the state check function checkState
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Yeah the Android app does behave strangely from my experience…

Thanks for all the help again @actech! I’ll try messing around and testing with these blocks.

Basic example



Where did you find the Checkbox ?

It looks like a unicode ballot box to me @Mehmud.

It can be empty, with a check or, with an X.

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how do u insert a unicode character in the block part? i tried with 2611 ALT X but nothing

You can copy it :thinking:


Yep, I just used copy and paste to do this.

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Sample on scrButtons or scrLists

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thanks, i didnt think of copy and paste, just the code and ALT + X :woman_facepalming:

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thank you very much!!