Multiline ListView

There is any way to make the items of the ListView control has several lines (at least two) ?
or change the font size?

In the screen below the first item its too large to fit in the line.

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards
Alejandro Castrejon


Easy way to do it yet. There are complex and specific way for programmers to mandatory registration in Firebase. If you are ready for it, then I can give the link to the demonstration project.

Not possible, from all that I have tried before. Your best option is to create a Short Title for the item in list, then when the item is clicked, get the Description of the item and display it in a label on another screen. This can be achieved easily with Airtable and Firebase.

Yes please,

In the next phase of this app I will use some Firebase tools, of course I will first upgrade my thunkable subscription to keep safe my Firebase credentials.

Thanks for the response and I will wait the link.

Best regards
Alejandro Castrejon

Okay, scrFramework7 screen is a simple (if I may say so) example. But I can see on my Android 8.1 of its unstable operation today. All week it worked well, but now after upgrading Libe does not work!

Unfortunately, Web Viewer on Android has some problems and runs noticeably worse than iOS.