Multilevel data store in the same variable list

Hello @jared
I’d like an advice about store data into a list: in my picture I store in my list (StoreList) just one kind of value from json … but if I need to store other information I cannot so I have to use another list variable. is it possible to store multilevel information in the same list?



I’m not with my computer. Give me a bit and I’ll get back to you. The answer is yes( I think)

Can you describe this further or draw out what it may look like.

I’d like to store “Citta”, “Descrizione”, “Latitudine” and “Longitudine” in the same time in the same variable list so I can use then later in four different labels (without using four different variables).


Could you create a list of your own objects. 1 object per store? Save that as the variable?

now I splitted my variable list in four variable so I stored four times different values (so my page works).
Then I try to create multilevel list … in my point of view is more pratical to use through the screens

What about a list made up of the 4 lists. You reference each item like

From list ( get item {1} from {master list} ) set # __ as

Master list would be the 1 variable with sub levels