[Solved] Why are list items being displayed as lists of letters rather than words?

Hi all, I’m having a problem where my list items are being divided up into their individual letters rather than whole words/items entirely. Any idea how to solve this one?

Hi @chris.bailey230698t,

Do you have to use the local storage for this? I think a stored variable would probably work better in this case?

You could also use a block like this to create a new list from that data your fetch from local storage, but tbh, a stored variable is probably the right way to go here.

Hi @domhnallohanlon :slight_smile:

I don’t need to use local storage necessarily - I’m not exactly sure how to integrate a stored variable into my blocks in this case? In the meantime, I’m going to watch through this video How to Create a To Do App & Store the Items in a Stored List but if you have any advice for doing it with this case specifically that’d be amazing!

Having had a look through some of the post forums on the topic of stored variables, I’m not sure I totally understand what they are and if they are related to cloud variables - as I don’t know what they are either…

A variable is like a person you tell To remember things for you

The app variable is like priest in a confessional. You tell them stuff. They can remember it while your there and recall it as needed. But when you leave (ie close the app) he forgets what you told him but will be there next time you need someone to tell things to. They live in the app and die when you close the app. They are born again every time you start the app.

A stored variable is like a friend you tell a secret to. They don’t forget it and you can talk to them about it anytime from anywhere within your app. These are only available to use on the device the app is downloaded to. They live in the phone. They don’t die. They will be the same when you open the app as they were when you closed the app.

A cloud variable is like your friend that remembers stuff but… now this information is available to anyone that has that app and is referencing that variable. These are good for leaderboards, messaging apps, apps that share info across users. These live in the “cloud” or an internet server. Be aware that to use these variables, the app user must have an internet connection.


This is an awesome way of remembering it, so it sounds as though I’m in need of an app variable in this instance as the data only needs to be stored during the one interaction!

Maybe so! Unless you want them to be able to come back to it later. For example, I am having users collect count data. But they count all day before hitting submit data. The app may close in between the need to count anything. I used stored variables. I use app variables to help with calculations and moving data between screens such as something from a text box.

Either way, I’m glad to help!!

@domhnallohanlon would you be able to clarify on this a bit?

Which bit? cloud vs stored variables?

Thanks for your reply @domhnallohanlon, I was hoping you could clarify how I could integrate the variable into my app using an app variable I think - since the data only needs to exist on the one interaction at this moment in time. Here is a clip of what is happening at the moment, I’m also seeing that only one item shows up in the list no matter how many I choose:

Got it - it’ll take a little while to do a specific example for this (will hopefully have time to take a closer look tomorrow for you!)

For the time being, would this example help you out at all? (Granted, it uses LocalDB rather that Stored variables, but the functionality seems similar?)

Here you go. I have set up a sample to create a list from a list, and then to populate that list on another screen using ‘app’ variables. check scr_MoveItemsBetweenLists


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Hi @domhnallohanlon, sorry about the delay! Thank you, I’ll look into what you’ve attached before you try anything on your end as to not waste your time!

Thank you so much @jared, it works! Guess I was just totally over-complicating it for some reason!

tbh that took some head-slapping but I was glad to help you find a solution!

I really like helping others figure out solutions to their problems.(this is also helping me become a much better programmer) It’s honestly my life mission but usually, it’s in a therapy setting :laughing: It’s nice to be able to do it here where we aren’t concerned with real-life issues or dangerous (most of the time)


That’s a really inspiring @jared, it really is appreciated! :orange_heart: