Move project from Classic to Thunkable

I have been working on a project for the last few months in Thunkable Classic. I have it ready to move to the Google Play Store, but now I’m ready to publish it, it says API 29 is not supported, yet Google Play Store requires minimum API 29, so it seems my only option is to use Thunkable X. If it’s not possible, does anyone know of any other websites that do a similar thing where I can import an AIA file and export to API 29?

Now how can I move my project to Thunkable X? This was a very difficult project to create so I’m not really going to be able to recreate it.

I’m only creating for Android, as iOS is too expensive to sign up for (99USD/yr for iOS, or 25USD one-off for Android).



It’s been very well documented since last year that Thunkable Classic would no longer be supported from July this year. You’ve really no one to blame but yourself here I’m afraid.

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It even tells you when you are signing in.

Also, your blocks can’t be seen properly as they become blurry when zooming in.

Repost them so they can be viewed and you may get help in recreating the project in Thunkable X.

Hi @Jace_G :wave:

Are there any more screens in your project?

As Dean mentions the image is quite blurry, but from a distance it looks like the blocks could probably be optimised a bit.

If not, feel free to send me the aia file - I’d be happy to walk you through the migration process.


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This will work too. I didn’t actually know the staff were this helpful.

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Thanks for the suggestions … I’ve found Kodular is able to import an .aia file, and unlike thunkable, they support API29.

I’ll move all my projects over there.

Hi Domhnall, I have searched the forum enough to understand I need to manually re-code my Classic apps into X. I guess nothing has changed since a year ago, the date of the last post I read about this.

I can still login to the Classic account, export .aia files and take snapshots of the code.
Can you elaborate on what the conversion process looks like? Is it looking up the new blocks in X and retyping the new function?
I read there are tutorials and videos online, but before I dig into that I need to know whether X can hide/encrypt certain parameters in my code. My apps control IOT devices, which use secret access codes. My existing Classic apps expose these codes, so I also want to shift to a more secure coding method.

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:joy: thanks Dean!

The current, cross-platform version of Thunkable has always supported API 29, and we’re currently supporting API 30.

Pretty much :joy:

Not at the moment actually, but it was discussed recently (like last week?) so I don’t think it’s a huge effort to get this added.

Can you tell me a little more about your use case here?

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For example, when I press a button on the UI it sends an https request. That URL contains an access token.
If I publish my app, can others see that token, either in the compiled app or (somehow) reverse compiling the app?
Is there a way to share my block code and not share that token? I am not sure if there is a way to refer to a global variable that contains the token. Then I would just clear the variable before sharing the block code.
Thanks for the quick reply!

Added example code:

Might be a bit flippant here, but could you just switch this to a more secure login method, like bearer token auth?

This is very easy to set up on the Thunkable side (provided that your API/server supports this) and a lot more secure.


That’s possible, but complicates the app.
Thanks anyway, I will research that method and avoid derailing this thread.