[Solved] Import .aia project

Hi everyone,
i have to import a .aia project in Thunkable X; how can i do this?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the community @andreac10!

Unfortunately you can’t import .aia files into Thunkable X.


Yes @Conor and @andreac10 you cannot. I too was stuck at this point when I needed it…

And @andreac10 please mark this as “solved” :slight_smile:

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@andreac10 and @rockode - what aia were you trying to import?

We probably already have a sample app or template that you can do which will do the same or better.

Let us know what type of app you’re trying to build and we can guide you on how to achieve this in Thunkable.


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I need to add an app that serves numbers of people in one building, this app is specific for one use to particular peoples.
Thanks, @domhnallohanlon