Monopoly Banking

Hello Thunkers!
can someone please help me and whilst that come up with new ideas for decreasing data…

I am working on a Monopoly Banking app, and Ive experienced about 50-70 crashes on the mobile while testing it. Right now im halfway through the ‘Buy’ part, and there is still so much code…

146 blocks.
So if anyone has ideas, please feel free to share them
Thanks :smiley:

I found that there was an error in the owned text label and I suggest to fix it

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What I also need is a way to figure out if the property is bought or not, if it is bought it will show an alert, else if not, it will proceed with the transaction

the problem was that it was not recognizing that the value inside properties is not text, So, I suggest to add a double quotations at left and right side. Also at the buy utility you kept an if button pressed condition but you have written in there. So, please remove it .

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Here is a copy of my app

click it and make any modifications and then send it back

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sure and I found an error that only wealth of player and name of plyer were the cloumns of players row

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Oh, i didnt see that. thanks for spotting that out

and image should be something so the code can fetch

as you see in the bought table there is a list of all places bought. ill make the code such that is extracts all the rows in the table that has the current player’s name, and display on owned label

Something like this

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that was well and good and check it out now

i didn’t understand