Migrate to the Play Install Referrer API


I got this email from google, any idea, please

Hello Google Play Developer,

We recently announced that we’ll be deprecating the install_referrer intent broadcast mechanism. Because one or more of your apps uses this intent to track referrals, we wanted to ensure you make the switch before March 1, 2020 . After this date, new versions of the Play Store app will no longer broadcast the install_referrer intent after app installs.

Action required

Migrate to the Play Install Referrer API to track your app installs for the following apps and/or games.

Affected apps


The Play Install Referrer API offers better performance, uses a secure communication channel between your app and the Play Store, and offers a more robust solution against spoof and attribution fraud.

We know this change may require some additional work on your part and appreciate your understanding.

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Hi there,

What components are being used in this app?
Could you share the app with me in a private message?

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Hi Jane, just one screen with web viewer and nothing more, i will switch the project to public. I tried to send you a private message but i could not. Can you point me to how i can contact you. Thank you