Meme Premier League

After multiple obstacles and hundreds of hours of constant procrastination, I finally present to you my

Before everything, I would like to Thank the Entire THUNKABLE COMMUNITY for helping me with my queries and providing me constant solutions for my problems. You guys are Amazing! (I wish I could name Names, but that would simply be unfair)

Meme Premier League (MPL) is an App handcrafted for those IPL fans, who swear to destroy anyone or anything that speaks against their favorite Team. Right from Inception, the main initiative was to bring together all IPL lovers under one roof to spread Love in the form of Memes.

MPL provides a single platform to Showcase, Like, Share and Enjoy Memes of all Teams taking part of the Indian Premier League. Users can Upload their own Ingenious memes, or View and Like Memes, categorized by Teams.

The more the total Likes of Memes of a Team, Higher the chances of that Team being rewarded the Meme Champion Trophy.

MPL is the perfect pitstop for Meme Lovers and IPL Fanatics.

Meme Premier League (MPL) : Download

On the whole, considering design, data flow, and development, how would you rate it below?

P.S: If you LOVE IT, Would be amazing if you could rate it on GPLAY too. :slight_smile: Any advice on improving my app is Most Welcome.

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Hi :smile:
I like this app very much, even though I dont know any of the teams, I still understand the memes and In my opinion that is one impressive thing to do in an app :smile:
Also you managed to not make ads in the app annoying, actually you don’t really notice them… so well done! :smile:

The user interface is nice too and it is easy to see that this app wasn’t made in a day :smiley:

Will other football clubs be added in the future?

I will be looking forward to what will happen in this app in the future :smile:

Keep up the good work!
Keep thunking!

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Hey Kode!
Thanks a million for your review. Means a Lot. Just like the Superbowl, the IPL is a HUGE THING in India.
Yes I’m planing to incorporate other sports too! :smile:

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