Meditator - Go in Meditation

Meditation is a peaceful scene,
With tranquil thoughts that intervene,
A mindful journey to explore,
Powered by DreamCore, at its core.
:point_up:t2: Upper rhyme generated by Smart Life :point_up:t2:
Link:- Meditator in Thunkable

That’s a clever use of a slider!

Some questions:

  1. What is DreamCore?
  2. What is Smart Life?
  3. The breathing rate seems really fast. How did you decide on that pace?
  4. Why do you have a repeat loop that repeats 56 times?

Thank You! Here are your answers,

  1. DreamCore is my company name which was earlier MultiSeven
  2. SmartLife: Remember that post, “SmartLife: Life smarter than never”
  3. I didn’t knew it’s fast. Thanks for your opinion
  4. I did a survey

Is this for a school project?