Testing my app for Feedback

Hello Thunkers,
I have recently built an app called “Dream”, it is a fresh app at the moment but it will be developed during the time.
I would like you to see it and give me feedback and tell me your opinions and your tips, please.
I will share the aia file if you like it so many.

@Hayder Hey I think there is a bug, because when we press the home button present on second screen(i.e screen containing the final personality prediction) then the text to speech says “No” which i think it shouldn’t.

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Oh yeah, I noticed that.
Thanks a lot!

Your App is quite good. However, I would say that you should improve the front page graphics, and the way in which the quiz appears.

Instead of having all questions appearing at once, you should display them one by one - in a more stylish way.

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