My professional app "Challenger" on Thunkable X

Hello Thunkers,
I am so happy to share parts of my app “Challenger” made on Thunkable X.
It is a multiple quiz app that has many levels and evaluation for each level. It will consist of about 1000 questions related to the English curriculum in my country Iraq.
The app is on progress now but I like to share some screen shots with you.
Any notes will be valuable for me.
Thanks in advance


Hi there,

This looks great! The design looks good and is clear to read, the gameplay is easy to understand and the badges give the user something to progress towards.

The only suggestion I have is that your prompts [visited, visit, Visiting] should all be capitalized in the same way: so change ‘Visiting’ to ‘visiting’.

Keep us up to date with how your progress goes, and let us know if you want any further feedback or advice!



Thank you so very much Jane! I will do my best and let you know about any progress I do. Thanks for your note. I hope you keep advising me in the near future cos I am working on this app to make it so professional.

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good job brother