Maximum screens

Hi, I´m making an app with all my recipes (500!)

There is a maximum of screens in Thunkable X?

I remember Thunkable Classic was 10 and I think I read one time that Thunkable X have a maximum of MB for app but not of screens, is that true?


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Hey @Roberto_Perez_Munoz :wave:

If you have 500 recipes you can display all of them with just one screen. This concept is explained in greater detail here:

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Whenever I see someone write that they are planning to create hundreds of screens or have thousands of blocks in a screen, I always think to myself that there’s a way to make that code more efficient. Something like a cookbook has so many repeated components from screen to screen (e.g. recipe title, button to go to next recipe, etc., etc.,) that you should be able to just use variables in place of those and change them whenever the recipe # changes. Putting all your data in a database, either locally or in Airtable is going to make this all so much easier and faster.


@Roberto_Perez_Munoz hope that helped with your Recipe app.

Please feel free to share a first version (or beta test) here is you’d like any feedback from the community!