Max screen limit?

wat is max screens in an app

pls tell

I have no idea. But honestly, if you’re using more than about ten screens, you’re probably doing something that could be done much more efficiently other ways. Any time I start to plan an app and I have dozens of screens, I think about how I can instead combine screens. So if I have something where data is being displayed, I can usually make that a single screen and just update the data itself within placeholders. Even for something like a children’s book viewer, I can use variables to dynamically display text1 and image1 on the first “page”, text2 and image2 on the second “page,” etc.

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so u can use columns
am i right?

Why did you want to know about the max screen limit?

lik that only seeing if im right or wrong
i think 7-8 is max

Well, you could always try to add more and see if you hit a limit. Then you can let us know.

ok wll wwat solution to mark?
@tatiang do 2d post

No limit to the number of screens. But the more screens and blocks you add the slower the designer

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