Material Color Palette App on Google Play

This App shows The Hex code of all available colors in the world. Material Color Palette brings you a variety of colors to choose from as per Google’s Material Design Color guidelines. You can Design & create your own color by This App.

I used @Helios’s Colours Extension , @Taifun’s Tools Extension, @Andres_Cotes’s Sidebar Extension :heart_eyes:
Playstore link :



Could you show me the blocks for @Andres_Cotes sidebar extension, because whenever I try to use it, I get the error ‘native typeface cannot be made’. Also, did you use the FAB in the bottom right corner?

I think your problem is here

Looks so material!

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Did you pay the $10 fee for the extension, because when I import the sidebar extension, the only property is the development checkbox.

have you included the font files in your assets that @Andres_Cotes mentions in the extension thread?

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yes,I paid to him.

thank you for using the tools extension
keep up the good work!

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