Maps not working on downloaded apk

Maps component in downloaded apk is showing like a “blank screen” just with the Google logo at left bottom. If you click anywhere in this blank screen, latitude and longitude change accordingly.

Everything works fine at Thunkable Live, so I believe it’s not problem with the maps api key.

Hey! We did released a change earlier about the Google Map change and informed our users. Can you try to build it again and see if that work?


Not yet. I uninstall app, redownloaded the apk… and yet, not working.

Any news @wei?

Hi @wei, is it maybe mandatory to use an individual API key for google maps?

Please guys, I need some update about this… nothing yet?

Hi everyone!

I was chatting with @lamagalhaes about this on Intercom, so I will share the resolution here.

For a Google Maps API key, it’s not enough to have an unrestricted key.
You need the Maps SDK for Android and/or the Maps SDK for iOS enabled, depending on what platforms you plan to download/publish your app for.

To see if these SDKs are enabled in your Google Cloud project, simply go to the Google Cloud Platform and search for ‘maps’:

And click on the SDK(s) you want to see if they are enabled. See the green tick and the ‘API Enabled’ text here:

If the SDKs are not enabled, simply enable them, and your app should work as expected!

If the SDKs are enabled, and you still don’t see the map in your app, please reach out and we will find out the cause of this behavior.



Thanks so much Jane. But, how I said to you… it worked before, I have published apps tested previously.
Some change happened with Google or other end.
But I’m glad it’s working like a charm now.
Thanks to all Thunkable staff members.

Worth noting that if your api keys are restricted then you need to specifically add the android and ios sdk’s to each key

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