Maps, dtabase, and sms sending. Help me lease, it´s esential for me

Hello Thunkable community,
Hope y’all are doing awesome! I’m diving into some serious app-making action with Thunkable, and I’m in need of your help
I’m currently working on a project where I need to send location via SMS automatically while managing other tasks simultaneously (like recording a video without it being visible on the screen).

I could really use some help and would appreciate it if someone could provide clear instructions and maybe share some screenshots on how to code this. Additionally, I’m curious about databases – are they free? Could someone explain how they work, and if possible, walk me through the process?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

My email is

Not possible

Possible if you use an external sender and the webAPI but only while the Thunkable app is open

A bunch of db services offer some kind of free tier

Yes. My rate is 100/hr. Happy to set up some coaching sessions.

Additionally, please don’t post about the same topic multiple times because you didn’t get an answer the first time.