Map Zoom design screen or block

I set a map with a user location and I need to zoom it. I tried to set the Zoom both in the design screen and with the block but it doesn’t works.
Using the get zoom block returns the data set but it is not executed by the app.

is there any trick.

Check this out

Many thanks @jared.
in your opinion, once I have the map with my position and a marker (example), is it possible to activate the possibility of reaching that point via the map navigator?


do you mean saving the location and recalling it later so the map displays the location you saved?

no, in some app when you have a list of stores, you touch a store you want to get some details (like address, phone, etc) and also the way to reach it with the drive navigator … (maybe it is just a link with an address associated a map app)

Yes. you can for sure go to a spot based on the coordinates.
then if you dont want to touch the map to see the info, you could display the info on some labels below the map.

that is how the app i shared with you is designed.

its a flight tracker that collets 12 pieces of info for each flight

when you touch an icon you see 5 pieces of info on the callout box that appears on the map

then a hidden column appears below the map with 4 other pieces of info

the remaining 3 pieces of info are longitude, latitude, and heading. the heading is used to draw lines on the map to indicate which direction the planes are traveling.

Im looking at leaf.js right now though and it seems to be a better product than google map for what we want with thunkable

Very good … I found this simply google url where I can replace everytime my coordinates and call it with “Open link” block.
Thanks again @jared,-122.3316393

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