Map scrolling problem

I am making an app which have a lot of functions which contains both sign in (Firebase) and a scrollable map. Sometimes this map become crash and non-scrollable after the user sign out but it usually can be scrollable if the user uses automatic sign in(my app also can store the email and password in text input for automatic sign in). How to solve this problem or prevent this bug.
Thank you!

Hi @iparkit2020,

I don’t see how these two components can be related. Could you please provide a project link?

Hi @eoinparkinson
This is the project link(about parking):
Sorry, the link is removed now due to privacy reason, Thanks for help from the community!
Thank you for helping me!
P.S.: The project is also unable to make a copy for unknown reason.


I’ve just played around with your app for a couple minutes. The map appears to be working fine. It locks onto my location and I can scroll about without the app “crashing”, though I think I know what you might mean here.

I get navigated back to the start up screen (the screen that first shows on start up). This happens on the random, though very rarely. Your blocks don’t contain any navigate blocks to go to this screen. If the app were to crash it would either hang or you might see a full white screen in the live test app.

This all may be due to the fact that you have a thousand or so blocks between a couple of key screens. What device are you testing this on? I have an iPhone XR and it’s working alright in terms of the app not crashing. Inefficient blocks can be fine on powerful mobile devices but on slower older phones it can cause havoc.

I think switching issue so It is need to correct use of miles and kilometers

Hi @Exiligh1992,
What is switching issue? How to correct use of miles and kilometers? Also can map change units?
Thank you!

Hi @eoinparkinson

I have tested the app for a couple of times again and I think it is not a problem of my phone is not powerful enough. My phone is not powerful phone (Samsung A40s) but it is also quite new and I bought is this year. I also asked my friend who used (Samsung S9) to test the app too. However, we both have this bug. I don’t know is it a problem of iOS and Android.

This is the project link:
Sorry, the link is removed now due to privacy reason, Thanks for help from the community!

Thanks for help!


Samsung S8 on Android 9 and iPhone XR on iOS 13 running fine here, no sign in or map issues whatsoever.

Also it appears you have fixed the slowness in your app :slight_smile:

Bugs & Improvements

When using the back button on Android when I pressed scan qr-code, it turns off the camera but presents me with a white screen. You should be using the qr-code scanner component which is already built into Thunkable for you. This will make this screen faster as you don’t have to upload a whole picture to a server, as the app will return the value for you locally.

It also has come to my attention that you are uploading the photo of the qr-code taken by the user to Cloudinary. This is not necessary for scanning a qr-code using the qr-code reader api. If you decide to release the app doing this you will most likely have to mention it in your privacy policy.

One thing you could change is when the screen opens the map goes to the users location, I would recommend changing this to when screen starts, just so it doesn’t send the user back to their location when using the bottom navigator.

I am curious as to why you have a 10 second wait block before adding a marker to the map:

If this is because you want to make sure the blocks operate in the order you want, you can simply re-arrange the blocks inside there then do area so that they initiate one step at a time.

Apart from the things I pointed out above though, this app is awesome. The sign in functionality works, the map works and it looks great. I really like how you styled the buttons :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advices!