Making better chat apps with the "Any Component" blocks

im having problem with the chat app im working on. Ive done all the steps that i was told on this video . but when i test it : i type in the text input and click send , the texts just dissapears and would not show it on the bubble in the output column. i reallyneed help.

I’m Using it in my AI Chat App with the Layout component in DnD and it’s really good, It takes more Blocks than using a normal Data Viewer List, but it’s Worth it.

You have to set the Label Clone inside Block to the Output Column

ive done that, but the the label will not appear on the output column.
although , i didnt use a component with the exact name “output column”. i just used the layout component and i named one input and the other output , did i do the right thing or i used the wrong component?