Make image transitions smoother

Hi all,

In my app, I’ve got a slideshow of images (one image component in which the photo changes through the use of a timer on a loop). Every time the image changes, however, the screen is a little ‘jumpy’ and pretty much the entire screen flashes.
Is there any way that I can make these transitions a little smoother, or, even better, is there any way to make something so that users can swipe to change the picture themselves?



I had the screen flashing issue too. What I did was put the image in a row set to an absolute value for height. Since the row doesn’t change even when the image does, the rest of the elements on the screen aren’t affected. :slight_smile:

I’m still new to building apps, so I’m not sure about ways to make the image change via user actions. It seems like it should be possible if you make the image a button… but I can’t take the logic past that point. :sweat: Sorry I can’t be more helpful!