Major bug in Custom Components

I have been working on a calendar component and recently made a copy of it. Now when I open either the original or the copy all the variables are duplicated in the variables tab and all the variable blocks are not set. I have 207 errors that will set me back a few hours.

@tthompson41231 Thanks for reaching out, this was a known issue but should have been fixed with v443 of the Thunkable Platform. Can you try making a copy again and seeing if the issue with the component’s variables generating duplicate entries persists? Thanks!

The original file is messed up as well. Duplicate variables in the variable drawer cannot be deleted as well

We are extremely sorry that we had a bug that caused the variables to be reset in the beta custom components. The bug has been fixed, but you will have to set the variable drop down names if they were cleared out.

We just sent out a release that not only fixes this issue, but others to improve the stability of custom components. Thank you for trying it out, and we look forward to seeing how you calendar works!

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yes, the bugs variable is solved but remain grafical problem , for me…
component before publi
and the result is …

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link custom component

Yes, I too have noticed that images do not show in the published component.

@lorenzofaverijfd3b @tthompson41231 Could you both try this Custom Component I just built. It has a png and jpeg image. I’ve published and added into a project but all of the images are showing up for me.

Thank you!

This is what I see.

@matt_conroy - This is what is displayed with your component.

Thanks for checking!

@lorenzofaverijfd3b There is something specific to that image that is causing this issue. We’ll have to take a look into it further.