.m3u8 videos on app

can we add and play .m3u8 videos on app

yes you can but i think you need another player to play your m3u8 link or any stream
i try audio radio m3u8 link it work on thunkble music player

but m3u8 video not work on thunkuble video player you need intent your link to mxplayer app or another
what you need is
activity starter
set activity to action >>text block past this on it: android.intent.action.View
set activity to data uri text block
call actvity starter

in designer make button and put all actvity in block you can get it from control
when button click do

the resut is when you click on button the activity call m3u8 link and the mxplayer will start and play your stream link

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hi how are you, please can you show your instructions in a screenshot? but i need to use wuffy media player. thnx