Lottie file animation caused screen to crash

I have a screen which shows peoples post it was working fine but then I decided to animation so I added animation and downloaded file from lottie animation and soon after doing that my screen started going white / crashing I removed the animation I downloaded and used the animation that didn’t caused my phone to previously crash but it still crashed then I decided to delete the animation component but then it’s still crashing. Now in total my two screens are crashing making my app 60% unusable

Can you check your blocks to make sure you’re not trying to load an animation that has been removed? This would cause your app to crash

I have. I actually removed every animation from that screen yet it still crashes

And I’m not loading animation via blocks I load them through design component so they open with screen I turn them off via blocks but I haven’t added any blocks to turn them off screen went white before I could and then I deleted animation file and animation component

If you don’t have an animation component in your app then your app crashing is probably not being caused by the animation component.

I’m sure it’s the animation. My screen was working perfectly fine on live and on download but as soon as I added the animation it went white

Only other thing on the both screens is firebase for data recalling and I can not remove firebase

Please take a look at my troubleshooting guide over here:

It’s much more likely to be an issue with your Firebase configuration.

Do you have any error handling blocks in your app?

That’s my firebase rule

I just added a picture to firebase and recalled it and I had no issue I don’t understand why this is happening when I’m so so close to getting my app published :frowning:

ok, but, as I asked already:

Could you tell me what you mean by handling?

error handling refers to how you manage, or deal with errors when they occur in your app.

This is especially important when you are working with cloud-based data.

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The crashes happens instantaneously for me to see the error label

And for cloning I forgot to put that error block I will do so and update you on that but regarding the two crash screens I cant do much at all

you should share a screenshot of the entire block setup from start to finish. As a matter of fact, you should do the whole app this way. Walk us through it step by step. 10 blocks at a time. This will help tremendously

Between each screenshot, provide a text description of what you think those blocks are supposed to be doing, where the info comes from, where it should go, what the app should be doing, displaying, processing, etc.

This has been a PSA from your friendly on-call App Doctor

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That will take me so much times because I have a lot of blocks. My point is if there was issue with my blocks I wouldn’t be having this issue I have been testing my app EVERYDAY for last 4-5 months

It’s since I started adding the animation component is what caused the issue

It would take us even more time to figure it out as we are not familiar with your app, sir. But, if you want to take the time to do that, I would be more than happy to read through it all! (I like a good story, but i don’t really like picture books unless they are superhero comics :wink: )

I’ll keep that in mind haha but I’ll use the screen copy and remove firebase component and see what hits and what misses

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good idea!

firebase can be hard to work with at times. I really like using the cloud variable now. I just create a cloud variable and give it pathways/keys by using the function blocks which can return data. I stored the pathway as a function with return that does not accept arguments. (not sure what this is called)

you can see an example of this in the tutorial i posted recently about cloud based todo list

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I would use cloud but I’m scared I would hit limits :confused: and there is no way I can track limit