Consistent Error when trying to set a lottie animation file using block

I have a project that requires me to set and change the file used for a Lottie animation using blocks. I am using “FROM ANIMATION_1 SET ANIMATION TO file_name.json” block. I have got 3 screens that require this block, however, no matter how I retry, only 1 screen can successfully set and save the changes I made to that particular animation block, while the file name attribute in the animation blocks on the other 2 screens will be appearing as blank.
For example, in screen 1, i set animation_1 to loading.json. I copied the exact same block and created the exact same component on all 3 screens, but screen 2 and 3 will not refuse to save my changes to the file, and leaving an error. The blocks on screen 2 and 3 will be blank as if I selected no file. It seems that Thunkable only saves the changes to the last screen I edited, so If I edited screen 3 last, the file attribute for animation block for screen 1 and 2 will not be saved.
Below is my project. You can go to “CheckAvilability”, “BorrowScreen” and “ReturnScreen” and find the “from loading animation set animation to xxxxx.json” blocks.

Below is a screenshot of the block that refuses to save the file attribute:

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Very strange. When i replicated the project it worked for me. I set it, and moved back and forth a screen.

Try saving the project new, and saving it in the new version.

Yes when you change first it may seem work, but when you try to reload the page or use live test, you will find out that it don’t actually work, the file attribute is not saved at all. I just tried with 3 copies. All have same problem.