Looping sound w/pause

I figured out how to make a looping sound by putting a Play block inside of a function and calling the function recursively from within the Play block but now I’m trying to make it so the user can also pause and resume the looping sound.

Here’s what I have so far but it’s not working:

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use repeat lloop
and try
u did too much long method;
just change it in play btn click
remove if else and do repeat loop
and add music interval 70000 times so it would repeat that much times and allso u can hear music to long so use mine…
code it accordingly with sliders

Did you have a solution for pausing the looped music? I stated that I already know how to loop it… I just can’t get it to pause and resume while looping.

wat to do is if anytime btn click call a trigger
so u can use if then else for that

If you have a solution that works, please post it along with a project link or screenshot. Know that I’ve tried to get this to work several different ways so I’m looking for something that has been proven to work.

then i tried to help my best

This actually works: Infinite loop of multiple sound components


I think it starts over each time you unpause but… I’ll take it. Maybe I can work in a resume block somewhere.

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Here are the blocks that allowed me to loop, pause, and resume a sound: