I want to make call function how to make call and play

dears i’m beginner i want to do this function
call (name) play

What you mean by play, please explain your issue.

like this example

here’s my link i cannot start


Ok, the problem that i understood, is that you have to play background music continuously, am i right?

yes perfect please

Its easy
Just do like this:
Screenshot (1573)

Use the when screen opens block from the control section of the block code and place the calling of the repeatplay function inside the space provided of that blcok
You can find repeatplay or any other functions block, that you have made in the functions section of the block code.
I think this will must your problem,
If not, than please reply and tell more.

heavily excuse me i cannot find repeatplay and where to push my audio file to play

are you working on that project that you sent link to me?
If not, then you have to first copy the code and do same like those in your app also

And if you are using the new one, then you have to go to the assets section of your thunkable app, and you will find an option of uploading file there.

now i cannot find call play function

i add the screen opens

Your app with music, now it works : Thunkable

allright great thanks i got it now how can i make it loop forever?

You can add this feature easily be using forever loop instead of repeat loop

my last request please consider it a favor
i want to add for this app a function of (count with) or (repeat while/until )could you think with me how to generate this idea with the below project


Please explain more, what you need to do with these blocks?

just i need to generate ideas to use function of (repeat while/until) or (count with) with my puzzle case