Local db maximum rows

Can someone answer me please regarding what is the maximum number of rows allowed in the local db and the maximum inputs?


I think it’s hard to get an answer to your question. My practice shows that if you copy 700-800 kilobytes of text to a text block, then attempts to work with such a block can cause problems.Will the local table work better? This can only be checked in practice, but I would not cram more than 1 megabyte and 10-20 thousand rows of data into it

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Hi @actech,
Sorry for the multiple questions, but I’m stuck in this issue, The data viewer list or grid while using the local table is storing data on the device so if the user is having two different accounts personalized differently for viewing different data he will see both data of the two accounts when he opens any account of them on the same device. So I’m asking how to prevent this? Thanks for your help.

To separate accounts, you need to use a database that allows you to do this, for example, Firebase