Data storage, Local DB, Local Storage - Limits?

Are there any limits to how many Data storage, Local DB, Local Storage you can have in your app?

Are there any limits to how many rows of content you can have in your Data storage, Local DB, Local Storage?

Any performance issues of the blocks “get value” “update value” from a massive amount of rows in Data storage, Local DB, Local Storage?

Thanks in advance

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This is something I’m very curious to know too!

Theoretically in terms of size, I believe that the free available space in the device will be your limit.

Regarding the LocalDB, since the access to the rows is done by cell and row IDs, I don’t believe you will have significative performe issues with the data growth, but just in theory, because I never manipulated big volumes of data using these components.

What I learned by experience is regarding the JSON manipulation: is a little bit slow when searching for objects inside large structures (“get object properties” blocks), but is completely different approach to read data from the local tables.

And please, forget the local storage blocks, use stored variables instead.

But let’s wait if someone here can give a better contribution than mine, based on real cases. :slight_smile:


Local Data (Local DB & Local Storage) don’t have any limits though airtable has a limit of 2500 rows per table. I’m not sure about sure about this, though.

Stored variables are slow. If you use them, make sure to assign an app variable to a stored variable’s value, then use the app variable throughout your project until you need to change the value of it. At that point, change the app variable and change the stored variable as well but keep using the app variable whenever possible.

Because Thunkable is built on React Native which is build on JavaScript, Local Storage, depending on its type, has a limit of 5MB and 10MB in size.

This is my assumption.

In this case the limit for Android is 6MB. I’m not sure about iOS.


They were slow 2/3 years ago. Are you still experiencing performance issues using these?

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