Column Limit of Local DB?

is there is an update of a column of the local DB that can be inserted up to 20 columns?

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Hey @junjoseph,

I’m not aware of any limit (but perhaps you’ve discovered it)

Do you have an idea of how many column you’re going to need here?

I can only put 10 columns on it as maximum for row of data.

Got it.

So, do you know how many columns you’ll need in your app?

Hi, I easily added 35 columns and this was not the limit.


Any ideas why @junjoseph is finding it difficult to add more than 10?

The path will try to do this: first copy 50 columns of data from Excel to Local DB, and then create the desired number of columns in Local DB

anyway @domhnallohanlon I decided to create a spreadsheets database for more data of customization and to fully customize for data. Thanks for help!