Local database location in the .apk

I’ve created a quiz game but when I download apk I would like to see the questions file that I have created in the LocalDB into the .apk
I need this in order to change the questions without thunkable.
Is it possible and how? Is ther any possibility to see the local db file into the apk?

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You need Thunkable to change the content of the LocalDB regardless if you are able to change it from the phone directly.

Even if you can do so, you cannot distribute the LocalDB separately.

Even if you were able to do it on Android you will not be able to do it on iOS.

The better way is to have something like a Google sheet and synchronise the data in the sheet with the LocalDB if and when necessary.

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I think you mean to change manually, not by using code , right?

that might not be easy and it will be tough

but that might not be possible because if at a time many members use your app then it will be so hard and you cannot do that every time and publish the changes. The better way is to random it by using code by a simple logic

So, I didn’t get this sentence and what do you mean by seeing local DB into the .apk

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When I wrote ‘I would like to see the questions file that I have created in the LocalDB into the .apk’
I have asked where is the file of the questions located into the .apk (after I download).
Regarding the adding/changing the questions this will be issued once at 3-4 months, so every time an update will be released.
I would like to know if I can find the file of the questions in the .apk and where is located

The questions are not accessible my editing the .apk.

You will need to open the app in thunkable, and recompile/republish/redistribute a new version with the new questions.

Using a “cloud” dB can help you not need to keep republish. The app would just update when the cloud updates.

How about a CSV file?
Can be loaded into thunkable and take the questions from there?

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Not really,
Thunkable needs either Airtable or Google sheets to work with external data. Load the CSV file to a Google sheet and use it in your App. This is if you are not willing to use Firebase or other API databases.