Loading Icon iOS 14


Disclaimer: This is related to iOS 14 beta, though I have a question.

iOS 14 is a massive update for iPhone and iPad. I’ve noticed that the loading icons on iOS 14 have less bars on the loading circle. Many apps that use this such as PayPal or Spotify (too many to name) have all automatically switched over to the new loading icon. My guess is that this is an iOS component and thus can be changed from the os version. I do not understand why the Thunkable X loading icon is still the old one? Is the loading icon in Thunkable just an animation?


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Do you mean it’s a different style of animation?

We’ve already started working on the next update to our build system so I can check it see if this will affect the loading icon.

I’m trying to find images or anything online that discusses this but it’s nowhere to be found. Of course it’s a tiny change, and I was curious about how the Thunkable loading icon component worked compared to other app loading icons.

image image

The icon with more “lines” on it is the Thunkable version, which is updated to iOS 13, though iOS 14 had a new loading icon.

The newer, cleaner loading icon was taken from PayPal app, though I’ve seen it subtly placed around many apps (even apps that are years old without an update) and they’ve all switched over. Does Thunkable just use an animation file to replicate the loading icon component?