Live Testing App UPDATE

Hi everyone!

As a lot of you know, the Thunkable Live Testing app that was in the App Store when iOS 13 was released had some incompatibilities with iOS 13.

For creators who couldn’t use the Thunkable Live app on their iOS device, we published a ‘beta’ app to TestFlight that they could use while we waited for Apple to approve our update to the App Store listing.

We are happy to announce that as of today, the version of the app that we have on the App Store is the same as the app we put on TestFlight!

What this means for you

If the Thunkable Live app already works fine on your iOS device, nothing changes.

If you have been using the TestFlight version of the Thunkable Live app, you can now download the app from the App Store. See the listing here.

If you have been using the TestFlight app, and have switched to the App Store app, we would love to hear from you! Just drop a comment below letting us know how it’s going for you :grin:

Edit: if you are experiencing issues with the latest update, please report your experiences here. This should only take a minute or two!


My Thunkable would work fine before but after updating it keeps crashing I was on iOS 13.2.3 and i updated to iOS 13.3 a minute ago and it still keeps crashing on 6s+

Hi @jane

starting yesterday I often experience following problem in the companion:

Happens randomly in various projects and it seems to happen most of the time when working with a maps component but I have no idea why this is always happening… Happened first time after updating the testflight version to the latest and also after downloading the current App-Store version… really annoying :neutral_face:

Best, Chris

Hi, @Chris! :wave:

I also encountered this looong error, because I had my internet connection “off”. When I turned it back on, the app worked successfully.

Thanks! :blush:

I’m getting the same error, it seems to be whenever I try to use the Canvas component.

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Hi, but my internet connection is fine… It seems like there are several things causing this problem as @andrewmack pointed out it seems to happen with the canvas component in his case… In my case I assume that the map component is related to the issue :thinking: I also realized that the new companion version does not seem to update several times… It does kinda flash/reload when I force connection by pressing “Live Test” but even then nothing refreshes (like setting something to hidden and it will still appear). When I just change things it does not do anything.

I am running the iOS companion 134-1 on iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13.2

Hopefully Thunkable is able to easily fix this @jane :grimacing:

Best, Chris

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@Chris @andrewmack

Are you running iOS 13?
What version of iOS 13 are you running? (13.2, 13.3?)
What iOS device are you using?
Can you post a link to a project that crashes?

Hi @jane,

I just tried it on my other iPhone running App version 121-1 and iOS 13.1 but the same crashes appear… In fact it is even worse… While the newer companion would for example only crash while using the following block in one project:

The older companion immediately crashes even when I remove this blocks… //Edit: now the same is happening on the newer companion for some reason… It looks like this is a deeper issue as it seems totaly random when it will work and when it will not :thinking: Removing some blocks might solve it at one time and then another time it continues crashing :neutral_face:

Could this be related to recent changes on the platform itself? I also realized that for example when my app wasn’t updating and I reloaded the browser my recent changes where gone -.- So it also does not properly save the project at some point…

Best, Chris

Hmm…if anyone has a project that seems to reliably crash, if you could post the share link and describe how to get it to crash, and a screenshot, that would be helpful for tracking this down (getting all three pieces of information makes it more likely for me to reproduce the issue)


The problem is that the crashes are pretty random. When I remove a set of blocks it might work for a time and then start crashing again. Also it might suddenly work after I put the blocks that earlier seemed to cause the failure back :confused:

I sent you a project that currently crashes for my but I cannot promise that the failure will be persistent.

Hi @andrewmack,

Could you share an example of an app project with a Canvas component that demonstrates this behavior?
At the moment, an app with a Canvas component, but which doesn’t use any Canvas blocks, is susceptible to crashing. However, this will be fixed in the next release.

@farhanlatif027i3df @Chris @andrewmack
Would you mind reporting your experiences in this quick Google form?
This will help us compile all of the information available to us and make finding a solution easier and faster.


I filled in the Google forms like you asked, and then I added a canvas block to the app, and it’s now working. Thanks, good luck on the other ones :slight_smile:

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Have you found a way to resolve this problem? or we need to wait for the updates for the companion.

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Mine still crashes


Mine too, anyone to advice with the solution.


Hello! Mine is still crashing on the latest version of iOS on IPhone 11 with the latest version of the thunkable live app. there is no canvas component. I have shared the app I am trying to LiveTest here:


Jane it’s been too long I have been downloading app just to see the small changes please have a fix quick or just put previous Thunkable app on test flight or on App Store as Thunkable 1 or 2

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Testflight 136(3) works well. Webviewer, barcodereader, output of list elements in multiline labels, camera and many other projects tested.
Congrats. No problems found in that version of Thunkable Live.