Live Test and Export Thunkable

i’ve been thunkable program with thousands blocks, but i’m have lagging while live test. so i cant see my coding result.
any solution?
i’m using many blocks because i make fuzzy logic programming in thunkable

My app has 13.159 blocks and I’m still able to test on LiveTest without any lagging… so i don’t think that lagging is caused very much by number of blocks… :thinking: Maybe optimizing the way that some operations take place will improove your speed…


how to improve speed?
im using google chrome, i’m always refresh page but still lag

When i read about your “live test” i thought you are experience lag while using mobile live test app.
Well, în browser when editing, of course that lag is expected when you work with large number of blocks.
I found that Mozilla is the fast browser for me while I work on Thunkable. Then I always keep on the screen all unused blocks at that moment collapsed. I reveal only the current main block that I’m working on.
This way works way faster than in the situation all blocks are expanded.


I would advise against using Firefox, I’ve had issues with that and I think other users have too.

Can you live test ‘only’ on a mobile device?

Also, if you have over 13,000 blocks, you must be putting together one hell of a project! Good luck!

Though, if you can, try to look into ways to reuse blocks with variables, or store data externally and query it (Firebase is extremely useful), or create your own API using open source; RethinkDB, Strapi or even Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress.

In any case, it sounds like a lot of work to maintain and debug! You may find use with graylog or sourcegraph (also open source), or using Firebase for logging errors (with a note to which block the error comes from).

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Its already published, and I’m doing alot of updates now:
Fishing Contest Helper - Apps on Google Play

Never had any issues… but i can speak only on my behalf.

Ofc not, i said only that i thought that he refers at mobile test. My mistake.

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Hey, well done, congratulations! :blush::+1:

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