Live Internet streams do not work when screen have been turned off

Dear specialists,
I have found out, that Java algorithms, which are being used by yours system are not good for background Internet streams playback. The question is, if it would be possible to especially enable users to use wakelok feature, set its value to 1 to support background tasks better. The Internet radio player do not play if Android phone screen have been turned of automatically or manually by using hardware button. I love Thunkable, since in general, Java implementation of many tasks is very precise and The reliability and stability of created project is 100 % including full screen readers support, possibility to even add text to image buttons. So please do not take it as a degradation of this perfect project. In fact, I have seen many working apps, which are working perfectly. Background tasks is problem also for other low level programming languages. So do you think, that some core engineer would try to implement new algorithm, which would be able to support Internet radio players better? So when screen is turned off, Internet radio will not automatically stop to play after 30 seconds ETC? I Am aware about complex programmers aspect of this approach. For example, some build in Samsung Galaxy T5 algorithms automatically suspend background tasks even if Wakelok have been set to 1. In some cases, problem can be solved if charger is connnected to this phone model. Any help is very welcomed.