Listview App Template


With this template you can create you own listview application. Simply

  1. create a new Cloudstitch project and open the connected spreadsheet
  2. delete all demo data (don’t forget those on Sheet2)
  3. On Sheet1 set the first row to this
  4. Insert your data
  5. Insert your API endpoint (which should look like{cloudstitch name}/{project name}?dev=true ) into the URL field of the Web component

The app now shows all items in a list (thanks to @ColinTree’s ListView extension). When you click an item, a new screen with more details opens. If you don’t specify an image url (or one from your assets), the item is displayed with its first letter. The link field is optional and adds a button which opens the link when you click it.

Note: This app is just a template, feel free to customize it as you want. If you add columns, you can select the content with the lookup in pairs block on the element screen.The description label is HTML enabled, so you can style the text. As an example, I made a list of my favourite recipes

Be creative! You could also make an app with characteristics of your favourite game, movie, drinks, etc.
listview.aia (54,1 KB)


Great project, thanks for sharing @Red_Panda!