Listview App Template for Cloudstitch/Spreadsheets and Airtable

+1 for Airtable, just to add to this, Cloudstitch has been deprecated in the most recent release of Classic so I would advise against using it in new projects.


how i can display airtable component in to web page as u made in this template u display cloudstitch in web???

what is the difference between api key and base id

what do you mean by view name ??? do you mean the project name or the table name ???

Is this table is true ???

what is the top of the project ?? on the designer page or on to blocks ???

we have to change the places which it marked in yellow ?? am i true ???

I updated the post to make it more clear where to insert the keys etc. Please take a look at the documentations I linked in the original post on where to find all information

@aya_samra No, I updated the post to make it more clear. Please take a look at the documentation on where to find the keys. “Table 1” would be the view name in your case

I am really do not know how i can thank you
Thank you soooooooooo much for ur great work

Everything is ok


Can we make sharing to the component of listview ?? I just want to ask before trying to do it .

Yes. On blocks, when listview Picked event, call sharing block.

I’m using online JSON as database (hosted at my host website) for my status phrases app, it’s fast and simple to use (decoding the JSON text is easy after you understand the way it works). It’s simple to add more data too.

In my scenario, I have a list around 100 itens and photos, but the app just freezes to load all the itens.
It tooks more than a minute to load the listview.

Also when going to page 2 and returning to page 1, a freeze again to load all the itens…

Maybe a way to store all the url links in the memory to avoid loading it every moment?
Or is there another way to improve the performance?

I am using Airtable DB, any ideas how can I improve?

Have you tried enabling the cache option or async loading of the listview? Maybe @ColinTree can add a scroll position parameter, so we can add more list items once the scroll position is reached.

Can you take a look on my blocks to see if you find the problem, please?

I really dont know what to do x.x

Seems about right. Maybe @ColinTree can say something about his ListView extension. 100 images is a lot!

@Red_Panda - Its a nice template, unfortunately its really hard for us newbies to make it work. I tried to put all my airtable keys in the blocks you mentioned, but I still cant see anything in the live view.
How can you help me ? Or do you have a video to watch and learn ?

I have to admit that the template is more for advanced users, mostly because the extensions didn’t work for me and I had to do everything with the Web component. Does the example with my column names work for you? I can help you if you provide some of your blocks and what your spreadsheet looks like

Hello I have one problem with this template can you help me please… i am using Kodular

and this is my blocks on kodular

Title and image cannot both be empty. Please check your blocks

Version 2

The new version uses the AirtableClassic extension by @jerinjacob and has more neutral column names. You can also use a publicly available spreadsheet instead of Cloudstitch. The project was made with App Inventor, so you don’t rely on Thunkable Classic
grafik Switch this to true if you want to use Airtable
Enter your spreadsheet id if you want to use Google spreadsheets. Link sharing must be activated. If you want to use Airtable, enter your API key, Base ID and view name into the Airtable component in the designer screen.

The column names should be

Image Title Subtitle Preamble Description Appendix Link

Here are some example images from a Pokédex project

listview_new.aia (103.6 KB)


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