Listview App Template for Cloudstitch and Airtable


Have you tried enabling the cache option or async loading of the listview? Maybe @ColinTree can add a scroll position parameter, so we can add more list items once the scroll position is reached.


Can you take a look on my blocks to see if you find the problem, please?

I really dont know what to do x.x


Seems about right. Maybe @ColinTree can say something about his ListView extension. 100 images is a lot!


@Red_Panda - Its a nice template, unfortunately its really hard for us newbies to make it work. I tried to put all my airtable keys in the blocks you mentioned, but I still cant see anything in the live view.
How can you help me ? Or do you have a video to watch and learn ?


I have to admit that the template is more for advanced users, mostly because the extensions didn’t work for me and I had to do everything with the Web component. Does the example with my column names work for you? I can help you if you provide some of your blocks and what your spreadsheet looks like