List viewer text isn't showing up as color

The list view is working but even tho I change the color of the text, it is not showing in the listScreen Shot 2021-11-05 at 2.56.18 AM

You can tell there is s list there it just not showing the text color

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No will be able to help if you do not show your code and probably the link to your project to check the list properties.

My apologies, here is the properties and the coding block for the list viewer.

I think actually what you’re seeing is a blank list viewer. I told you what I thought the problem was here:

In addition, I can see that when the screen opens, you create lists from a data source but you never assign the list variable to your list viewer’s text items.

Please add any new details to that topic instead of starting a new one. You can post these same screenshots there as well.

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