Change text color on list view

How can I change the color of the text items in a list view?.



Follow these Steps :

  • Go to the Properties Section of the List_View
  • There the bottom 3rd option is of text Color ( set to Default )
  • Here you can change the color of the text items to your desired one.

Hope this will help you out !! :star_struck:


Hi @cttricks here we talk about cross platform not classic.

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You mean the same color to the every items or different colors to each items?

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Same color for all items is enough for me at he moment.


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Sadly, changing the items’ color isn’t available yet…:weary:

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I know this conversation is old but it was the first search result when I was searching for the answer.

How I went around this is:

  1. you can change the background color of the list viewer or…
  2. you can put the list viewer in a row and change the background color of that.

I have a dark grey screen background with maroon graphics. I already needed mine in a row so I changed that background color for consistency with the items next to it. I set the background color to black 50% transparent. (White looked too muted but black had a nice contrast.)

I hope this helps in the mean time. (Unless you already can & I overlooked it)


So there’s no way of changing the color of the text items, right?
You can only change the list view background color… :frowning_face:

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hi @Julia_Milan, that’s correct.

Unfortunately there is no way to style individual strings of text right now.

We are working on an update to this component though which will open up a lot of new options.


That would be great.

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No update to Text Properties of list view yet. Sad.


This articles helpful for me

Still no have solution to change color of list items?

Have you considered creating a custom list CustomAnyListViewer? An example can be viewed on the scrCustomListViewer screen in the project

I downloaded this thing 5 minutes ago, the first thing I did was creating e a data list view , second thing was going to be :changing the text color!!! and Boom!!! roadblock on the most basic and simple functionality. Moreover, this is a 2 years old conversation and this very essential functionality has not been addressed, is this a joke??? is Thunkable still being developed?

Something newly developed by the Thunkable team is this -

This is an example of the control you can have over your data viewer lists (i.e. text color, background color, button color, button background images, and borders are things I used here)

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hi, could you explain this? I have a listview that gets response from firebase, so I couldn’t use a list data viewer … I need to change the background color of the elements instead of white or change the text color. Still no solution to this?